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Where clinical dermatology is our specialty, and patient care is our passion.

SKiN Health is rooted in its belief that each patient deserves a personalized approach. It’s by combining our medical knowledge and experience with our dedication to providing our patients the right procedures at the right time, that we provide the best possible experience to everyone who walks through our doors.

As leading experts in the field of Dermatology, SKiN Health—including the SKiN Centre for Dermatology and SKiN Research—is dedicated to finding solutions to your skin, hair, and nail problems. From common to complicated, we use state-of-the-art technology grounded in the latest research to prevent, recognize, and treat a broad spectrum of conditions.

If you’re looking for more information on our dermatology research trials, we invite you to visit our sister site, SKiN Research.

Looking for an appointment?

SKiN Health specializes in all aspects of dermatology, including the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of skin, hair, and nail conditions. We offer OHIP-covered assessments and procedures, as well as non-OHIP-covered services, and actively participate in clinical dermatology research trials.

A physician referral is required for all OHIP-covered assessments and treatments. Please consult your primary care provider for any dermatologic concerns; they will decide if you need a specialist. You can book appointments directly with our clinic for non-OHIP-insured benign lesion removals or for participation in a research trial.

New and Returning Clients

New and returning patients are asked to complete the Patient Information Form which will be emailed in advance of their appointment.

For Health Care Providers

We would be pleased to accept your referrals. To refer a patient to the SKiN Centre for Dermatology in Peterborough or SKiN Health clinic in Cobourg, please use Ocean eReferrals through your EMR or visit www.oceanhealthmap.ca

Before Your Appointment

Please ensure you have a valid healthcard before your appointment or a charge may apply. You will be emailed a reminder two days prior to your appointment (please ensure we have your updated email address and check your junk folder).

Meet our dermatology team

The health of your skin is a part of your overall health, and it’s something we care deeply about. Through customized dermatology services, The SKiN Health's team is ready to help you look and feel your best. Our highly trained and certified medical professionals are here to ensure you are comfortable and confident with your treatments every step of the way.


Dr. Gooderham is a well-established Dermatologist and serves as Medical Director at the SKiN Centre for Dermatology and the Principal Investigator for the SKiN Research Centre.

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Dr. Ashley O’Toole

Dr. O’Toole is a Dermatologist with the SKiN Centre for Dermatology in Peterborough, Ontario where she also serves as a  Clinical Trials sub-investigator.

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We are passionate about helping people find the right skin care solutions—the ones that work for them. SKiN Research was established to help improve outcomes for people affected by more complex or challenging skin conditions. When nothing else works, SKiN Research may be able to help. 

SKiN Research is a world-class dermatology research hub, where highly monitored medication trials are conducted. We invite you to learn more about clinical trial processes, and what trials are currently open. There may be a skin solution for you that you just haven't found yet. 

*Physician referrals are not required for Research Trials